For the latest in our TPN Talks series, we were delighted to catch up with Amélie Coulet, Senior Manager, Government and Regulatory Affairs, IBM Europe. We spoke to her about prospects for transatlantic economic relations, including the TTC, as we go into an election year on both sides of the Atlantic. We also drew upon Amelie’s well-informed perspectives on the latest digital transformation agenda developments.

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Building tomorrow's partnership today

Launched to promote the closest possible partnership between the Governments and the peoples of the European Union and the United States, the Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) has a proud record of achievement as well as vital ambitions for the future.

From a small original base of support in the European Parliament and the US Congress, TPN has grown into a broadly based multi-party group of EU and US politicians, corporate leaders, think tanks, civil society stakeholders, and academics. Through regular informal dialogue and the maintenance of close personal relationships, TPN participants keep the two administrations focused on the indispensable goal of a strengthened Transatlantic Partnership.

Concentrating on the present but thinking about the future, TPN’s meetings and publications have outlined strategies for establishing the Transatlantic Partnership to be in a position to help set the rules for the global economy in the 21st century.

Looking at long-term trends to define the priorities for the Partnership ahead, TPN helps frame the debate on how governments should anticipate challenges, measure risks, and adopt the necessary policies for global economic and political stability.  

Upcoming Events

TPN US-EU Roundtable - Brussels
Tuesday, February 20, 2024

in honor of Markham Cho Erickson, Vice President, Government Affairs & Public Policy, Centers of Excellence, Google

Recent Events

TPN Roundtable - Brussels
Tuesday, January 23, 2024

with Dragoş Tudorache MEP and Vice President, Renew Europe Group

Dragoş Tudorache

TPN was delighted to welcome Dragos Tudorache, Member of the European Parliament and Vice President of the Renew Europe Group. He is the LIBE rapporteur on the AI Act and has played a prominent role in steering the AI Act towards conclusion and adoption. He provided an excellent summary of the relevance of the Act and the likely next steps before its adoption at the EU level, which was followed by an in-depth exchange on key aspects. 

TPN Roundtable - Brussels
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

with Ambassador Ghislain D’hoop, Acting Director General for Multilateral Affairs & Globalisation, and Political Director at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Amb. Ghislain D'hoop

It was a privilege to host Ambassador Ghislain D’hoop, who kindly agreed to speak to an in-person gathering on the “Priorities for the Belgian Presidency in 2024”.  

2024 will be a year of elections and political transitions in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere.  In addition, it doesn’t seem likely that we can expect any respite from geopolitical turbulence.  Against this backdrop, Ambassador D’hoop spoke on Belgium’s priorities to ensure institutional continuity for the EU institutions and European efforts to meet geopolitical challenges. 

TPN Roundtable - Brussels
Tuesday, November 7, 2023

“The Importance of SMEs to the Transatlantic Relationship”
with Bernard Hagege, CEO, Atemation

Bernard Hagège

We were delighted and honored to welcome Bernard, who has been at the forefront of transatlantic business dialogue for more than two decades. 

The transatlantic economy is not just the story of multinational enterprise, and indeed, every day thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs across Europe and the US provide jobs, drive innovation, and deliver prosperity. Yet the SME voice is not always heard. 

Featured Article

Semiconductors and the Emergence of Industrial Policy as a Key Transatlantic Policy Tool

By Hendrik Bourgeois, Vice President, European Government Affairs, Intel Corporation

The semiconductor ecosystem is an industry of its own. A value chain stretching across all continents bar Antarctica. Thousands of highly specialized players hold highly technical roles in many processes. It is perhaps also one of the most globally connected and, by consequence, politically exposed industries around. And yet, it is at the heart of pretty much every single innovation and technical breakthrough of recent years. Not only that but its role is only expected to grow as our economies become ever more digital – something policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic are acutely aware of.